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THE VISION is a world where empowered people live their purpose in harmony. peace and joy.

THE MISSION is to empower you to raise the collective vibration of humanity with your unique healing gifts and talents.

THE GOAL is to provide courses, support, and tools for self-awareness discovery, self-care, healing and clearing blocks to your success.

THE STRATEGY is to help YOU realize your potential and purpose through self-knowledge, motivation, strategy, support and accountability.

We're creating a community of healers helping healers. Join the conscious community on our Facebook Group or get on the email list to learn about all the exciting things we're doing for and with you.

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Debra Jones - Healer, Mentor, Teacher & Author

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Helping Healers
What it's all about

Debra Jones talks about the new world of TRUTH and creating collaborative communities, and how we show up as role models in more supportive and soulfully aligned ways.

Healers Helping Healers

What do you need to help you succeed?

ZOOM CONNECT is an opportunity for healers like you to connect, collaborate, support, and play with ideas as we all navigate the changing landscape of our healing careers. Come together with your community of like-minds and help create the new paradigm  – Healers Helping Healers.

I envision this to become a CIRCLE OF COURAGE – gently guiding you to step away from the known into the unknown; to evolve into your unique mastery. It is a time to step up, to move from being small to acknowledging your greatness. To realize your potential.

For those who have read our book, THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER, it is the next step I write about in the conclusion pages. It is about claiming your authentic power. It is about creating the legacy you want to leave.

Say “YES” to yourself and join us.

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A NEW signature program with Debra Jones RM, designed to build your confidence, gain clarity, and help you realize your potential.

Make the career change to becoming a healer by fully understanding yourself and your unique natural abilities.

We start with discovering your blueprint using Human Design, Astrology and Clifton Strengths and use these tools to work through any barriers that are preventing you from realizing your full potential. The result is living a life that feels authentic and in alignment with your soul.


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