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The Wellness Story

Debra Jones is the featured Reiki Master in this 115-minute inspirational documentary, produced by Lana Marconi, Ph.D., featuring over 25 health professionals including Canadian Fitness Pro Shannon Leroux and Dr. John Demartini from THE SECRET movie.

Enrich your life today by discovering what foods to eat, what exercises to choose, how to create loving relationships, how to heal diseases, why meditation is a powerful tool, how to be fulfilled at work, and what it means to create real wealth.

Dive deep into spirituality and learn how you can connect to your higher self and more. Integration of health told in an uplifting story.

YOU CAN reclaim your health, your power, and your life.

Navigating Your Emotions

In this 2020 interview, Debra Jones talks about how to manage these unprecedented times.

She shares useful tips on how to manage your emotions when forced into isolation, how to deal with anger, the benefits of energy healing, and her own personal daily practice.

What is Natural Healing?

One of Debra's earliest video interviews, where she explains what typically happens in a healing session, what results you can expect, and the tools she makes available for clients and other healers.

Financial Help is Available

Debra Jones supports Mirthwalk, a philanthropic venture by Lisa Watson, to make alternative healing more accessible.

Whether you're looking for healing, or you're a healing practitioner, or you'd like to donate to the fund, we're here to help.


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