Helping You Transform Your Life

The human journey is like the life cycle of a butterfly ...

The chrysalis stage represents a critical period of transformation and growth.

The breakout stage involves making necessary alignment shifts.

I'm here to help you find your wings and become the BEST version of yourself.

Chrysalis Stage

A time of introspection, self-reflection, and inner growth. It's a period of hibernation, where we can detach from our usual habits and focus on our own healing, growth, and development.

Just as the pupa is protected and nourished within its chrysalis, we too need to feel safe and supported while we heal, learn, and grow.

Breakout Stage

As we shed our old skin and emerge into a new world, we have the opportunity to spread our wings and embrace our newfound freedom and potential.

Just like the butterfly that adapts to its new surroundings, we too can take risks, explore new horizons, and embrace change to discover our new place in the world.

Wings Stage

Discovering our true potential and purpose is like spreading our metaphorical wings and taking flight.

Just as the butterfly's wings allow it to soar to great heights and explore the world in a new way, our wings represent our newfound power and potential. When we embrace our individuality, celebrate our strengths, and rise to our challenges, we have found our wings and are ready to soar to new heights.

I offer healing sessions and courses inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly! 🦋

Just as a butterfly undergoes a transformative journey from caterpillar to winged beauty, my sessions and courses will guide you through your own personal metamorphosis. Whether you're looking to heal from past traumas, overcome limiting beliefs, or simply find more joy and fulfillment in your life, I am here to support you every step of the way.

My approach is based on the idea that we all have the potential to transform and grow, just like a butterfly. By tapping into your inner strength and wisdom, we can work together to help you emerge from your chrysalis stronger, brighter, and more confident than ever before.

So why wait?

Let's begin the adventure together.

Take the first step on your transformative journey today!


If you're looking to improve your relationships, change your career, or simply feel more fulfilled, I'm here to offer healing, support, and guidance. Together, we can explore new perspectives, ideas and strategies to transform your life.


Embark on a 5-session self-discovery journey that replaces confusion with clarity. Discover your unique cosmic blueprint to find your true calling. Unlock your full potential and find your wings!


A 9-week online journey for personal growth. Discover profound spiritual awakening through transformative energetic transmissions, meditations, and sacred ceremonies.

Debra Jones RM

Debra is an award-winning alternative health professional with over 25 years of experience and a deep, abiding desire to help people be their best selves.

Nurturing by nature, Debra has devoted her life to natural healing and wellness and the disciplines and spiritual philosophies that help people help themselves.


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Learn more about the healing journey, positive aging, making connections, and for practitioners, how to grow your practice through Debra's thought-leadership

Human Design

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your life?

This powerful system provides a manual for your life, revealing your unique strengths and showing you the potential for what you can achieve.

Human Design - live the life you were born to live!

  • Gain valuable insights into your best strategy for DECISION-MAKING and taking action

  • Discover how to OVERCOME OBSTACLES and achieve your goals

  • EMPOWERMENT to live a fulfilling and purposeful life

Get your 20+ page Human Design Report!


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The NEW Human

We are now in a time of great transformation, from climate change, to species extinctions, to technological revolutions.We have an opportunity to make a difference in the quality of human consciousness, not only now, but for SEVEN GENERATIONS to come. Get ready to become a part of the evolution of the human spirit and discover the unlimited power of healing.

Transform your past experiences and challenges into valuable wisdom & empowerment for personal growth. It's a 9-week online journey to profound spiritual growth and awakening through transformative energetic transmissions, meditations, and sacred ceremonies.

VISIT: The NEW Human online course

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MEMBERS Community Portal

Tired of social media noise? Imagine no more endless scrolling, constant complaining, and censorship! Online exchanges have become battles rather than real conversations, and there's no need to fear the 'Thought Police' any longer.


Welcome to an innovative decentralized platform that blends ease with elegance, all without annoying ads. It's a mature place to have meaningful, supportive conversations about issues important to YOU.

Be part of our leading group where your privacy isn’t just a claim—it's our core committment. We prioritize real connections, creating a private MEMBERS-ONLY space. We honour free speech, value our differences, and believe in personal growth with every exchange. Why wait? Become a MEMBER of the community today!

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Guided Meditation

Debra lovingly guides you into relaxation, releasing struggle, calming the mind, cutting attachments, deep sleep and more.


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Own The Grey Podcast

A podcast about HEALTHY AGING in body, mind and spirit.

For 50+, baby boomers, and seniors who don't fit into the current 'aging person' image. It's for men and women who are not satisfied with becoming invisible, and for anyone who wants to enjoy vibrant later years.

Hosted and produced by Debra Jones RM, her mission is to change negative attitudes towards aging and reinstate the reverence it deserves.


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YouTube Channel

Enjoy audio podcasts, Guided Meditations, TV Interviews and conversations about energy healing. Walk the grounds of Debra Jones Healing Centre. Please subscribe to be the first to know about new offerings.


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Successful Healer

Resources based on Debra's book: THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER - A practical guide for holistic health practitioners.

Confidently guide your own evolutionary journey with this practical guidebook. You'll read about other healers' experiences and how they solved the problems that you're having right now.

Empowering healers to realize their potential with confidence, clarity, and authenticity.

Get support for your Healing Business.


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Red Tent Ontario

Red Tent Ontario was founded in 2015 to fill the growing need for a meaningful, supportive, safe community of women, for women.

Gathering in person and virtually, our Red Tent is a loved and cherished hub of gatherings, events, rituals, ceremonies, and talking circles.


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Explore My Services


Embark on a holistic healing journey that integrates Reiki, Energy Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Empowerment, Self-Awareness, and Personal Development. Blending traditional energy healing with personal growth, aiming to guide you towards a balanced and rejuvenated state.


Explore a diverse range of in-person and online courses tailored to your individual needs. Whether it's through immersive classroom sessions or the flexibility of digital learning, these courses offer deep insights, practical techniques, and tools for growth.


Engage with a new era of thought, co-creating the New World alongside inspirational thought leaders and visionaries. Share groundbreaking ideas, challenge conventional norms, and envision a sustainable and unified future.


Journey through articles and narratives packed with insights and experiences, capturing the essence of healing and empowerment.


Engage with enlightening discussions and interviews that provide a deeper understanding of holistic living and transformative journeys.


Delve into Debra's book, a reservoir of wisdom and insights, guiding readers through transformative journeys and holistic growth.


Participate in transformative events curated by Debra, offering immersive experiences and connections with like-minded individuals.


Learn how people like you have been helped by Debra Jones.

The astrology deepened an understanding of the purpose of my past experiences, why I am experiencing my current reality, what skills I’ve been developing that can help me contribute to co-creating the world I desire to live in and be a part of, how I can live a meaningful life, what my exact skills, abilities, personality traits and roles I excel best in, what I am designed to be doing, and clarity on my purpose. SG

My sessions with Debra Jones were very accurate and powerful, confirming where I am at and where I need to focus to be the best I can be. PB

If you’re looking for an energy healer where you will see results and who is compassionate, caring and committed to you, gift yourself a healing session with Debra. She is truly a beautiful Soul and a great healer! TC

Debra is the only healer that I have felt completely comfortable with and she offered empowerment, allowing me to leave with more confidence than I brought in. Her energy work removed my back pain and we discussed the pain in detail, leaving it clear to me how I can help myself going forwards. SG

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