Self-Discovery Journey

'The two most important days of your life are the day you were born,

and the day you discover why.'

Transform Your Life

Your life is driven by a powerful mission that shapes your identity and gives you purpose.

By discovering and using your unique skills, you can find joy and support in the appreciation of others.

Let's work together to explore and cultivate your talents so you can live a life you're proud of.

As an empowerment strategist, I can help you see possibilities that others may miss.

'No need to keep doubting yourself. Just say yes.' - Carley Johnson


Self-Discovery Journey

Embark on a transformative self-discovery journey that illuminates your path, replacing confusion with clarity.

Uncover your personal cosmic blueprint to unlock your true potential and discover your life's purpose.

Unleash your inner strength and soar to new heights, empowered to live the life you've always imagined!


What it is

It's my signature course - a 5-session transformational journey of self-discovery.

When you know who you are meant to be, you can thrive in life! We'll establish your strengths, explore your design, discover your unique blueprint, and uncover your life purpose.

Then, you can go on to heal and release resistance, align, and expand onto your true path to create a new outcome.

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How it works

During 5 transformative sessions, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery that will change the course of your life forever. Through a combination of guided exercises, homework, and self-reflection, you'll uncover your true strengths, passions, and values, and shed limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back. This newfound understanding will reorient your compass, giving you a clear sense of direction and purpose, empowering you to make decisions that align with your true self. You'll feel a sense of freedom and fulfillment that you may have never experienced before.

We work at your own pace and around your availability. Most prefer weekly or bi-weekly sessions, online or in-person.

But we don't need to stop there. We can continue to work together to dive deeper into your fears and limiting beliefs, and identify the correlation between your pain and your purpose. Through energy healing and other powerful techniques, we can heal and release what no longer serves you, and unlock the full potential of your life. You'll feel empowered, confident, and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.

From this place of authentic empowerment, the possibilities for success are endless. If it suits you, we can continue to work together to define, create, and declare your unique value to the world. You'll gain new tools of empowerment to help you stay grounded and aligned as you learn to spread your wings and fly. Together, we'll explore the limitless potential within you and create your unique strategy for achieving your wildest dreams.

As you embark on this transformative journey that will change your life forever, you'll have access to all the encouragement and support you need to succeed. This is an incredible opportunity that has the potential to transform your life, and you're invited to start today!

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How to start

Embark on your personal growth journey by booking the first session of our five-part series.

Simply view the schedule and book online.

As part of your journey, you'll also have the opportunity to take the Clifton Strengths assessment for $80.

To receive your personalized Human Design profile, please provide your birth details, including date, time, and place.

Choose from in-person or video sessions to suit your preferences.

Questions??  Let's chat.

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Imagine a world where everyone's true self shines brightly, where every day is a celebration of individuality!

I envision a society where people are driven by their passions and where everyone's unique talents are valued and elevate us all.

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Learn how people like you have been helped by Debra Jones.

I recently completed the I AM. journey and I am incredibly grateful that I said "yes". It gave me a birds-eye view of who I am, at a soul level. Connecting to the reason I came into this life has helped me in my business, with my family, and in my daily life. It has given me clarity and I extend myself grace for any "flaws" knowing they are all divinely created to be part of my mission in this life. No need to keep doubting yourself...just say "yes" ;) CJ

The astrology deepened an understanding of the purpose of my past experiences, why I am experiencing my current reality, what skills I’ve been developing that can help me contribute to co-creating the world I desire to live in and be a part of, how I can live a meaningful life, what my exact skills, abilities, personality traits and roles I excel best in, what I am designed to be doing, and clarity on my purpose. SG

I enrolled in the I AM. course because I was feeling a sense of disempowerment by living my life for others. This course gave me an actual blueprint of ME. There's no denying it now. I know what my natural strengths are, and I know what my limits are, and there's nothing to apologize for. As a matter of fact: You're welcome, if you're lucky enough to know me! I'm awesome, and I feel so powerful in knowing that.

My soul thanks Debra for creating this package so that I may know my purpose in this lifetime. The most beautiful thing that happens when you learn about yourself is that you ultimately learn about others as well. You learn that we are all unique with gifts to share and everyone is on a pilgrimage to their soul's purpose. There are earthly angels among us, and Debra is one of them. KV

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