What is Empowerment Healing?

I'm Debra Jones, a professional Reiki Master Healer. I use a combination of awareness tools and techniques, talking, and energy healing to uncover the source of your issue and to bring you back into balance and harmony in your life. 

PHYSICAL ISSUES can be healed when you become aware of the 'message' your body is trying to convey. We can explore and release the issue, along with any stress, pain, anxiety or depression.

MENTAL ISSUES require management tools and new thought patterns to bring your thoughts into harmony with your life.

EMOTIONAL ISSUES need to be gently explored with heart-led compassionate understanding and healing.

SPIRITUAL ISSUES can be soothed by reconnecting to your highest truth. Whatever your issue, I would LOVE to help you resolve it.

About Debra Jones

Healing Services

Holistic Healing

For healing physical, mental & emotional issues, guidance and direction.

Using a combination of awareness tools and techniques, talking, reiki, and energy healing to uncover, explore, accept and release the issue, along with your stress, pain, anxiety or depression.

One hour session
In-person, by phone or video

Reiki Practitioner Certification Available

Intensive Healing


Includes everything in Holistic Healing - recommended when a longer session is needed when dealing with complex emotional issues that require counsel and energy re-balancing.

Also recommended for NEW CLIENTS.

Two hour session - In-person

Axiatonal Re-Alignment

For reconnection and grounding by clearing the meridian channels and blockages in the energy system. Achieved by activating specific acupuncture points on your body and forming an energetic connection that joins them together, we create a grid-like pattern in your energy field. That grid is then re-aligned to the Global grid, and to the Universal grid.

This treatment balances, relaxes and rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit. Release confusion and find clarity. 'Remembering' a deep sense of connection to everyone and everything. A profound heart-opening experience and acknowledgement of your true wisdom and reason for being here.

- 3 sessions may be needed.

One hour session

Practitioner Certification available

Uncover Your Life Purpose - I AM.

Discover how to live your unique purpose. When you know who you are meant to be, you can start being that and thrive in life!

We'll establish your strengths, explore your design, discover your unique blueprint and uncover your life purpose. Then, we'll heal and release resistance, align and expand you onto your true path so you can rewrite your own story.

As you follow your unique, strategic plan of micro shifts to reach your goals you'll have guidance, encouragement and support every step of the way. 

We'll book 5 sessions for Part One PLUS you'll need to purchase your Human Design by Debra Jones ($80) and Clifton Strengths ($80) profile directly.


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