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Chrysalis Stage

A time of introspection, self-reflection, and inner growth. It's a period of hibernation, where we can detach from our usual habits and focus on our own healing, growth, and development.

Just as the pupa is protected and nourished within its chrysalis, we too need to feel safe and supported while we heal, learn, and grow.

Breakout Stage

As we shed our old skin and emerge into a new world, we have the opportunity to spread our wings and embrace our newfound freedom and potential.

Just like the butterfly that adapts to its new surroundings, we too can take risks, explore new horizons, and embrace change to discover our new place in the world.

Wings Stage

Discovering our true potential and purpose is like spreading our metaphorical wings and taking flight.

Just as the butterfly's wings allow it to soar to great heights and explore the world in a new way, our wings represent our newfound power and potential. When we embrace our individuality, celebrate our strengths, and rise to our challenges, we have found our wings and are ready to soar to new heights.

I offer healing sessions and courses inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly! 🦋

Just as a butterfly undergoes a transformative journey from caterpillar to winged beauty, my sessions and courses will guide you through your own personal metamorphosis. Whether you're looking to heal from past traumas, overcome limiting beliefs, or simply find more joy and fulfillment in your life, I am here to support you every step of the way.

My approach is based on the idea that we all have the potential to transform and grow, just like a butterfly. By tapping into your inner strength and wisdom, we can work together to help you emerge from your chrysalis stronger, brighter, and more confident than ever before.

So why wait?

Let's begin the adventure together.

Take the first step on your transformative journey today!


If you're looking to improve your relationships, change your career, or simply feel more fulfilled, I'm here to offer healing, support, and guidance. Together, we can explore new perspectives, ideas and strategies to transform your life.


Embark on a 5-session self-discovery journey that replaces confusion with clarity. Discover your unique cosmic blueprint to find your true calling. Unlock your full potential and find your wings!


A 9-week online journey for personal growth. Discover profound spiritual awakening through transformative energetic transmissions, meditations, and sacred ceremonies.

Healing with Debra Jones

Hi! I'm Debra Jones, an award-winning healing professional with over 25 years of experience and a deep desire to help you be your BEST self.

I offer Empowerment Healing - a type of therapy that focuses on helping you heal and grow by tapping into your own inner strengths and abilities - based on the idea that you have the power within to heal yourself and create the life you want.


  • Increased self-awareness and self-acceptance

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

  • Greater sense of purpose and direction

  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Improved relationships and communication

  • Increased sense of inner peace and well-being 

Explore My Services


Embark on a holistic healing journey that integrates Reiki, Energy Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Empowerment, Self-Awareness, and Personal Development. Blending traditional energy healing with personal growth, aiming to guide you towards a balanced and rejuvenated state.


Explore a diverse range of in-person and online courses tailored to your individual needs. Whether it's through immersive classroom sessions or the flexibility of digital learning, these courses offer deep insights, practical techniques, and tools for growth.


Engage with a new era of thought, co-creating the New World alongside inspirational thought leaders and visionaries. Share groundbreaking ideas, challenge conventional norms, and envision a sustainable and unified future.


Learn how people like you have been helped by Debra Jones.

My experience was very positive, powerful and life changing. Debra is an amazing healer and she truly cares deeply and lovingly. Debra helped me tremendously and even now a year and a half later she is still helping me in my life. Because I heeded Debra’s advisement I have since found out about an issue with my heart. I truly believe Debra’s counsel has saved my life. TC

Debra is extremely passionate about what she does and her presence/space alone provides a safe, warm, energetically positive space that helps my nervous system to settle and alchemize my experiences and difficulties into useful language. ZJ

No power struggle, no power-over moments, just a really genuine human who is exceptional at what they do, guiding you towards reaching your full potential and living your most meaningful life. SG

I leave feeling lighter, more whole, with more hope, drive and understanding of my purpose, and the purpose of the times than I did when I arrived. I feel supported and understood on a different level than with peers, friends colleagues etc. ZJ

Different to other therapy modalities I used, such as psychotherapy, I don’t leave feeling fatigued from the emotional raking and upheaval. So I think it can also be a wonderful adjunct to see Debra post therapy to help lighten the load, shift the perspective into a much bigger context and bring more wholeness joy into my being. ZJ

I wanted to email you and let you know that I gave birth to two GIRLS! We waited the whole pregnancy to find out the genders. Thank you so much for all the help early on and before this pregnancy. I know your work with me made a huge difference and allowed me to finally get what we’ve always wanted after 10 years ! EM

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