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You can.

I Believe in YOU

I will not rescue you,
For you are not powerless.
I will not fix you,
For you are not broken.
I will not heal you,
For I see you in your wholeness.
I will walk with you through the darkness,
As you remember your light.
~ Sheree Bliss Tilsley Falcon Spirit Healing

I believe that when you are empowered YOU CAN heal. I believe in you and can help you to see your potential. I believe that when you become self-aware you can heal anything.

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Debra is a fabulous practitioner who can help you affect amazing changes.  KS

My session with Debra Jones was very accurate and powerful. It confirmed where I am at and where I need to focus to be the best I can be. PB

My experience with Debra Jones was very positive, powerful and life-changing. Debra is an amazing healer and she truly cares deeply and lovingly. I went with an open mind and heart to heal myself. Debra helped me tremendously and even now a year and a half later she is still helping me in my life. Because I heeded Debra’s advisement of needing to “stay on top of my health and get regular health checks” I pushed my doctor to do more testing after a scare with COVID and have since found out about an issue with my heart. I truly believe Debra’s counsel has saved my life. If you’re looking for an energy healer where you will see results and who is compassionate, caring and committed to you; gift yourself a healing session with Debra. She is truly a beautiful Soul and a great healer! TC

Stuck inside, unsure, struggling with new routines and still trying to navigate around these new chapters in our lives – yesterday I did a session by phone with Debra. As always, we were able to move through some of the blocks holding me back and work on current issues – my bright light is shining again. I can’t wait for my next session. During a lockdown, being at home does not mean being alone, so grateful to have the option to still touch base and do a full session telephonically! MEC 

Debra Jones is a Teacher and Healer. Debra was able to put me back on track and open my eyes to my truths. Her ability to connect with me through my spiritual journey was nothing short of miraculous. I can attest to her good works and the trust she offered me in order to believe that I could "run" down my life path toward love, faith and hope. SB

Thank you is hardly enough to properly thank you for all your guidance in the past year and for helping me see things through another set of eyes. BM

- it's about choice

You can choose to go down this path, or another.
You can learn to advocate for yourself.
You can listen to your soul, follow your heart & claim your power.

Even if you can’t feel it yet, it's there, and we can find it together.

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